Risk Consultancy

Professional Corporate Services – Risk Consultancy by Sang Noir


At Sang Noir, we pride ourselves on offering top-tier Risk Management Consultancy services, spearheaded by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. Our diverse expertise includes former Security Services operatives, New Scotland Yard detectives, and Chief Security Officers, providing unparalleled investigative capabilities.

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Risk Management Consultancy

Sang Noir’s Risk Management Consultancy packages empower our esteemed clients to comprehend and address the risks confronting their organisations. We tailor our solutions to meet each client’s specific requirements, enabling them to identify, manage, and neutralise existing and future risks effectively. Our extensive track record includes delivering risk management consultancy to both government agencies and commercial organisations worldwide.

Services Offered:


Our array of services encompasses a wide spectrum of risk management and security
solutions, including but not limited to:


  • Security Analysis and Threat Assessments
  • Due Diligence
  • Business Intelligence
  • Political Risk Assessments
  • Risk Mapping
  • Strategic Forecasting
  • Focused Strategic Analysis

Threat and Risk Assessments

For private clients seeking comprehensive protection for families, properties, and assets, Sang Noir offers a range of tailored security solutions.


Our highly experienced Close Protection Officers provide discreet and seamless services, ensuring the utmost safety and confidentiality.

Security Surveys

Drawing on our backgrounds in the MET Police and UK Armed Forces, our consultants excel in conducting bespoke, detailed security surveys. From initial assessments to thorough examinations of corporate headquarters and high-value facilities, we identify security risks and deliver comprehensive, actionable, and cost-effective recommendations for risk mitigation.

Physical Security Assessment

Sang Noir excels in testing various aspects of physical security, employing overt or covert assessments to uncover potential vulnerabilities exploited by criminals, competitors, saboteurs, or internal threats. Confidentiality and discretion are our priorities, with all findings remaining strictly between us and our valued clients. 

Enhanced Background Checks

Avoid the risks associated with CV misrepresentation by engaging Sang Noir to conduct comprehensive background checks. Our investigative teams gather and analyse information both nationally and internationally, ensuring that you can hire with confidence, safeguarding your organisation’s reputation.

Criminal Review

At Sang Noir, our seasoned former investigators and detectives offer consultancy advice related to investigations conducted by the Police, National Crime Agency, Serious Fraud Office, and HM Revenue and Customs. Our transparent and ethical approach assists clients in making informed decisions, mitigating potential impacts.


Whether it’s unfaithful partners, asset tracing, employee theft, insurance fraud, or corporate espionage, Sang Noir’s adept surveillance operatives gather irrefutable video/photographic evidence. Operating within the bounds of relevant legislation, we prioritise our clients’ interests and deliver reliable results. 


We understand the distress of locating missing loved ones or elusive debtors. Sang Noir’s tracing services span the spectrum, from locating old friends to tracking absent parents for
child benefit purposes. Our NO find NO fee policy reflects our confidence in successfully tracing individuals worldwide.

Vehicle and Asset Tracing

Through advanced covert vehicle trackers, Sang Noir offers precise tracking of vehicles and assets globally, providing clients with real-time location data, history, and 24/7 support for informed decision-making.

Covert Camera Installation

For gathering evidence of abuse, intrusion, theft, or anti-social behaviour, Sang Noir provides professional covert camera installation services, tailored to optimise effectiveness and privacy protection.

De-Bugging (Sweeps)

Protect your privacy and security with Sang Noir’s Electronic Bug Sweeping services, detecting and removing surveillance devices from various environments. We offer urgent responses and thorough examinations of computers and mobile phones for potential sources of intrusive surveillance software and data leaks. 

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