Who We Are

A Premier Risk Management Consultancy and Security Services Provider

Founded in 2011 by distinguished former members of the UK Armed Forces, Sang Noir is a renowned international entity specialising in bespoke Risk Management Consultancy and unmatched Security Services. Our clientele comprises Individuals, Governments, Companies, and Corporations seeking unparalleled protection and risk management solutions.


Our Vision

At Sang Noir, our vision centres around delivering client-focused Protection and Risk Management services, tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual or organisation. We take pride in our extensive global network, which consists of former colleagues and associates from the worldwide security community, enabling us to offer an unmatched level of expertise and support.


Our Commitment

With the guidance and support of our collective, Sang Noir remains at the forefront of innovation within the Protection and Risk Management sector. Our commitment to staying at the cutting edge of industry advancements ensures that we consistently exceed client expectations and adapt to evolving security challenges.


Clientele and Engagements

Throughout our distinguished history, Sang Noir has undertaken numerous high-profile assignments. We have provided Close Protection, Protective Surveillance, and Covert Protection services to esteemed clients such as:

  • Ambassadors and Diplomats
  • UK and International Special Envoys on behalf of the British Government’s Foreign
    and Commonwealth Office
  • Members of the British and Saudi Royal families
  • Members of Parliament
  • Influential world business leaders
  • Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI’s)


Why Choose Sang Noir

At Sang Noir, we understand that every client engagement is unique, necessitating customised and meticulous security solutions. By entrusting your protection and risk management needs to us, you benefit from:

  • Extensive experience and expertise derived from our backgrounds in the UK Armed
  • A well-established global network of security professionals and resources
  • Impeccable client-focused services that prioritise your safety and confidentiality
  • Unparalleled professionalism and discretion in all our operations

Whether you require discrete Close Protection services, comprehensive Protective Surveillance, or seamless Covert Protection, Sang Noir stands ready to ensure your safety and security with unparalleled dedication and proficiency.